Marketing mix optimisation


Key challenge

To measure the performance of product offerings and the optimisation of the elements of their marketing mix: packaging, format, range, price…

Innovation is one of the principal drivers of growth. Yet designing and launching successful products is increasingly challenging. The optimisation of existing offerings can also be a source of opportunities.

In response to client needs, our study solutions offer a gateway to successful innovation, focusing on:

  • Building a relevant product offering based on strong insights.
  • Measuring the consistency of the “Product Promise and Perceived Quality” duo
  • Reinforcing the role of packaging ambassador
  • Validating consumers’ confidence in the promises delivered by the marketing platform in order to boost customer loyalty and recruit new customers.

At Consopôle Institut, “Innovation Culture” is far more than just our tagline. It has been forged throughout our 25 years of experience in product launch and is now an inherent part of our identity.

Our main study solutions

  • Concept screening
  • Concept potential testing
  • Product concept testing
  • Packaging concept testing
  • Concept To Use testing
  • Product testing
  • Organoleptic testing: CLT or HUT
  • Preference mapping
  • Packaging visibility test
  • Packaging graphic design testing
  • Packaging usage testing
  • Claim testing
  • Name testing
  • Price testing
  • Sniff testing

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