Product testing


Aim: to understand consumers’ sensory expectations and preferences.

In each and every project, we work in close collaboration with our clients from day one to put forward a methodology that matches their aims:

  • measuring the organoleptic acceptability of a product prior to launch
  • validating the performances of a formula
  • validating the optimisation of a product or a recipe change
  • comparing to market benchmarks
  • monitoring the quality of a product over time.

The quality of data collection is guaranteed through the careful selection of consumers, test protocols validated prior to the study and real-time field monitoring by our project managers.
Through this type of test, our clients obtain a real understanding of consumer expectations, a comprehensive review of the strengths and weaknesses of their products and operational recommendations to guide their optimisation/development strategies.

We put the scores obtained into context through comparison with reference values taken from our CONSOPOLE DATABASE.