Qualitative studies


Aim: to understand purchasing or consumption thought processes and their social representations.

Qualitative individual face-to-face interviews (for comprehension)

Understanding, using and evaluating a product is above all a singular experience which should be examined through an individual interview. The respondent’s answers must not be influenced by other people.

In-person focus groups (for optimisation)

The exploration of brand representation and the identification of potential product offering changes should be studied in a group situation, in which group dynamics will boost the efficiency of projective or creative exercises to venture beyond rational discussions.

Qualitative positioning studies

This preliminary study phase is generally composed of semi-structured interviews on a face-to-face basis or as a focus group and addresses:

Methodological mix applied to qualitative studies

Rather than having to opt for one or other survey technique, Consopôle Institut sometimes recommends simultaneously using both individual and collective interview strategies. During a group meeting, participants can thus be invited to complete an individual evaluation (self-administered questionnaire, silent product test, user test, etc.).

The individual interview phase is then extended with group sessions and consumption diaries to be completed at home according to the focus.

The multidisciplinary team involved (sociologist, psychologist, ethnographer, semeiotician, etc.) offers a unique approach to the results obtained and optimises their chances of success in your launches.