Understanding the consumer


Key challenge

To review practices and monitor changes in underlying trends to adapt your product offering to meet consumer expectations.

In a constantly evolving consumer society, national brands continue to innovate and overhaul their existing ranges. Yet today brands need to approach innovation in a more targeted manner to better meet increasingly complex, demanding and versatile consumer expectations.

This does not mean less innovation but rather better innovation to tick all the boxes for success.
Better innovation means involving consumers in the product development process.
Identifying expectations in relation to new tastes prior to product development for instance can prove to be a very cost-effective, time-saving and idea-enhancing strategy.

Consopôle Institut acts as a trend lab to offer brands better knowledge and management of their markets.

Our main study solutions

  • Qualitative studies
  • Ethnographic studies
  • In vivo shopper studies in a recreated shopping environment
  • In situ shopper studies in store
  • Home use studies
  • Uses and attitudes
  • Consumer goods observatory
  • Omnibus

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