Shelf testing


In vivo shopper studies in a recreated shopping environment

Aim: to better understand consumer behaviour and perceptions in simulated buying situations.

At Consopôle Institut, by conducting an array of shopper tests, constants can be identified: “A product that is not seen, will not be chosen. If a product is seen but not understood, it will not be bought. If it is seen, understood, but not convincing, it will not be purchased either”.

During the buying process, all gestures are registered, hesitations transcribed and time spent in the aisle recorded.

Together with in-depth interviews in the aisle, the findings give rise to operational recommendations and the identification of drivers to optimise the elements of the marketing mix.

Thanks to impact measurements and comparative analyses of conversion rates, we identify the packaging developments which perform the best and the preferred packaging design in terms of visibility and differentiation from the competition.

In situ shopper studies in store

Aim: to conduct an assessment in real-life conditions, i.e. on the shelf, alongside competing products.

This type of study provides a fuller understanding of the in-aisle relationships between the shopper and the brand.

The client is ultimately provided with the recommendations required to successfully launch its product innovation or range overhaul.