Geographical coverage



Consopôle Institut has specialised premises and equipment at its two Sensopôle® test centres based in the heart of Paris and Rennes.

These city centre locations guarantee a good cross-section of target consumers and therefore higher quality recruitment.

We have a 15,000-strong proprietary consumer panel to meet all our Central Location Testing and Home Use Testing needs. A panel specifically dedicated to online testing can be mobilised according to requirements in order to reach rarer targets, offering a cost and time-effective solution.


30 countries covered and 50 partners

Our national and international network comprises over 50 carefully-selected and regularly audited partners in over 30 countries (UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico…). It covers all our Central Location Testing, Home Use Testing and Online Testing needs.

Consopôle Institut’s role spans design, coordination between countries and field supervision. For product tests, we validate the adaptation of protocols to local conditions prior to their implementation and ensure they are applied to the letter to guarantee reliable data collection procedures.

Our team validates the compliance of the data obtained with respect to the technical specifications before entering the results analysis phase, for which we act as project manager.

National and international trade shows

By attending trade shows and professional events (Printemps des études, Esomar, Eurosense, Pangborn,…) we are constantly enhancing our know-how and expanding our scope on a national and international scale.